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Please note that you are using Arcadja's ON-LINE SUPPORT service.
The username and password for Arcadja Auctions CANNOT be used.
No registration is required to get assistance from our staff.
However, you can become a user in order to view your submitted ticket history.

Ticket History

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How to open a ticket (assistance request)
To receive support from our customer care service, please select the Support @ Arcadja section Send a Ticket.
Select Ticket  Department
Afterwards, please select the category that is more relevant to the type of request that you wish to put forward and press the button Submit ticket.
Create a Ticket
At this point a form appears, which you should fill in with your name, email (the email must necessarily be valid so that Arcadja’s staff can meet your request), title and content of the request. In order to prevent inadequate uses of our customer care service, users need to enter the Antispam code that is visualized in graphical characters. If you wish, you can request, through the specific checkbox, to receive our operators’ reply via email (recommended choice). By pressing again Sumit ticket, at this point the system searches through the articles present in the Knowledge base and proposes the ones that are relevant to the request made by the user. This step is essential, because most times the question you ask has already been given an answer!
Ticket Suggestions
However, if the articles proposed do not satisfy your requirements, it is possible to continue sending the ticket by entering the new Antispam code and pressing again the button Submit ticket.
Ticket Open
Congratulations, you have opened your first ticket on Support @ Arcadja!
Within a few moments you will receive an email (always check your spam, too!) notifying you that the ticket has been opened successfully. You can check the state of your ticket by returning to this page: if you have requested notifications via email, then Arcadja’s operators will reply directly to your mailbox.
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