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Activation of an account on Auctions
To complete the registration process, it is necessary to activate the account just created.

After the visualization of the page of Registration successfully completed you will promptly receive an e-mail * containing a link to activate your account.
By clicking on the link you will proceed with the automatic activation of your account.
If you have any problems with the link, try copying and pasting it in the browser (examples of browsers are: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Camino).

If no errors have occurred, you will see a page like this one:

Your account is now active and you can access Auctions by entering your username/your e-mail and your chosen password:
An e-mail confirming the successful activation of your account will be sent to your e-mail address.

*IMPORTANT: for reasons that do not depend on us, some programmes for the management of electronic mail classify our activation e-mail as SPAM.
For this reason if, a few minutes after the activation, you do not receive our confirmation e-mail, we advise you to check the SPAM folder of your e-mail account.
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